04/08 Bella Vista Town Watch Newsletter


Place: Palumbo Recreation Center (10th & Fitzwater)
Date: TUESDAY, April 8, 2008
Time: 7:30pm
604-606 Catharine Street (2nd meeting)
Request: Application to construct a 13'6" x 16'10", 3-story addition 35' high w/ front bay at 2nd and 3rd stories; a "green roof" over 100% of both existing and proposed 3rd-story roofs; an 8' x 13'6" deck atop 2nd-story roof w/ exterior access stair to "green roof"; and 6 solar panels atop existing 3rd-story roof; all as part of a 1-family dwelling.
828 Bainbridge Street
Request: Application for creation of accessory interior off-street private parking space (9' 7" x 18' ) at 1st floor front of existing 1-family dwelling.
627 South Street
Request: Liquor: Place-to-place transfer of full liquor license.
767 S. 9th Street (N.E. Corner 9th & Catharine)
Request: Liquor: Place-to-place transfer of full liquor license.
Sponsored by: Zoning Committee, Bella Vista Town Watch, Inc.

Committee Reports

Zoning:  Spring Zoning meeting dates are tentatively set for the following Tuesday's: April 8 and May 13....contact the zoning committee for more information.
Communications:  Help us with our newsletter, webpage, "News of Bella Vista" emails by joining the Communications Committee, contact Janet Pinkerton
 for more information and to volunteer. 
Crime Prevention: BVTW continues to patrol the neighborhood and welcomes new/old friends to join us on  "New Member Night",  Wednesday Evenings at 9:00 PM, meeting at the South Street Ministation (905 South Street).  More details at our webpage or email
Anti-graffiti:   We welcome additional volunteers to assist in these efforts and please call in any graffiti following these procedures:
For Graffiti attacks, a few things that can be done
  1. Call the police or file a roll call complaint to get a report on File.
  2. Call the City for a free power-wash or paint over of large tags at 215-685-9556 option 3: supply as much info as possible. It usually takes about 3-5 business days for the city to come out. Note: the city only uses a limited number of colors.
  3. For small incidents, mailboxes etc, BVTW can offer you to use the paints we get from the city to cover the tags.
  4. Getting tags removed quickly is important to prevent a proliferation
Please note: This report has been compiled by abstracting police district weekly crime stats.  Every attempt has been made to insure the accuracy of this report.

For More Information Contact: info@mlkplaza.org