Martin Luther King Plaza Homeowners Association



Really Important News!!

Dear Homeowners,

There are many important parking issues that are happening right now. We wanted to make you aware of them so you don’t get caught off guard and have to pay fees and fines.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Here are some details:

Street Parking signs are going up around the neighborhood as you know. The Parking Authority will start enforcing those signs on Feb 11th. The parking permit form can be found on under forms and links. You can contact the Parking Authority at 215-683-9730.

The Head of the Parking Authority will be a guest at the next Homeowners’ Association on February 6th at 630PM. He will be introducing and answering questions about guest parking permits for street parking. This promises to be very important and informational.

Because there will be more parking available on the street for Homeowners and their guests, we will be aggressively enforcing the parking rules that have always been in place. Here are some of those rules again along with some new penalties for breaking those rules and what you can do to make your parking situation better:

§ Homeowners and guests cannot park on the common driveway. Vehicles that are illegally parked will be towed and the owner of the car will be liable for the cost of towing and storage fees. There is an exception for active loading and unloading of 30 minutes.

§ Parking your vehicle on the grass is illegal and is creating hazards and community eyesores. A $25 dollar penalty will be imposed by the Homeowners’ Association for each instance of parking on the grass, per day or fraction thereof.

§ As a result of the Homeowners survey we have agreed to review structural change forms for second parking spaces behind the house. Those Homeowners who want to convert their grass in the rear of their house into a second parking space can submit a structural change form to the Board for review. Second parking spaces must be done with permeable surface materials- (We can explain what that means, but basically you cannot have a solid surface. You can have pavers, or other materials that would allow water to drain. Still confused- send us an email at After Homeowners receive approval from the Board they must obtain all necessary permits for the conversion of the space from the proper city agencies.


We hope these things will make living in the neighborhood better and hope to see you at the Association Meetings.


The Board of Martin Luther King Plaza Homeowners’ Association